Our body is a reflection of our diet and the most visible example would be our weight. But from the shine of our hair, the quality of our nails, our skin, to the color of our teeth, they are a clear reflection of the importance of understanding that taking care of what we eat will not only offer us longer life, healthier and help us maintain our youth for a longer time, but also, we will get to have all that and like ourselves, so it will also affect our state of mind.

Let’s stop and discover nine examples of how diet affects our health:

Many of the common ailments that we suffer are caused by poor diet.

Headaches, lethargy, indigestion, insomnia… These are just a few of the examples of discomforts caused by products loaded with trans fats and that would be quickly remedied with a change in diet.

There are many examples of genetic diseases that are made worse by diet.

We are all carriers of latent diseases that may or may not develop throughout our lives. The trigger for this development is very often due to poor diet.

The common diseases communicable are also affected by our diet.

Recovery time from contagious diseases is directly affected by the quality of our diet. This and a healthy lifestyle will dictate the capacity and duration of the person’s healing.

The food we eat and its quality affect the development of our allergies.

Everyone knows that in the last 50 years, the quality of the products we consume has decreased considerably, and this has caused an increase in food sensitivities, both intolerances, and allergies. The poor diet of a pregnant woman can cause allergies to your unborn child. The intolerance and food allergies can be caused by poor diet, lack of sleep, pollution, self-prescription drugs, prescription drugs, including mood, and lack of exercise.

The drug’s prescription can be counterproductive to your health.

Most drugs are prescribed to alleviate pain and discomfort that is often the result of poor diet or lack of exercise. Prescription medicine often makes the problem worse once the effect wears off by causing imbalances, problems elsewhere, or side effects that turn out to be worse than the disease itself. Health is usually taken care of, always preventing possible diseases that we can develop; And even if we develop a disease, we must understand the root of it what can be done through diet and lifestyle.

The food we eat can develop diseases in our body that develop in an unpredictable amount of time.

It is easy to prevent indigestion, upset stomach, or constipation, but diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer or diabetes, can be born right now in your body and develop in a time impossible to calculate. Most chronic diseases are caused by poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Just a healthy diet is not going to improve your overall health.

The benefits of the food we eat are often directly related to our lifestyle, our contact with the sun, our access to vitamin D … Therefore, a healthy diet is not enough to improve our health. , it is necessary to take care of our body with physical exercise and access to vitamin D.

Junk food nullifies the benefits of healthy food.

To maintain a healthy life, the calories we consume must provide us with a nutritional benefit; And the problem with junk food, trans fats, white sugar, artificial colors, and preservatives, is that they cause direct damage to the body and prevent nutritional calories from contributing their benefits to your body when you consume them. In addition, if consumed in excess, junk food contributes poison and malnutrition to the body, which can cause weaknesses in our body as well as diseases.

The fact that ‘natural’ products are sold does not necessarily make them healthy.

Many products that are sold as natural can be harmful to our health based on our medical condition. The sulfites, which occur naturally and are used in dry, fruit juices, dairy products, etc. They can be deadly for people with asthma, so we must be very careful not to confuse the fact that something is natural with how it affects our health.


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