• Fragrant and juicy, mango is associate exotic gourmand fruit that has real health benefits! it’s significantly wealthy in antioxidants, fiber and antioxidant.
  • In juice, salad, main course, dessert … if mango meets all our preparation wishes, it’s conjointly terribly attention-grabbing for health because of the numerous nutrients it contains.
  • Mango is one among the anti-fatigue foods
  • Rich in minerals and vitamins, significantly antioxidant (37 mg per one hundred g, or forty sixth of the suggested daily allowance) and group B vitamins, “mango helps cut back fatigue and strengthens the system, that is beneficial in winter, ”says Audrey Aveaux, dietitian-nutritionist.

An exotic fruit that helps stop cancer

Mango is wealthy in polyphenols, inhibitor substances that shield body cells from injury caused by free radicals. It contains different antioxidants, like antioxidants and lupeol, that decrease the expansion of cancer cells, particularly in glandular cancer.

Mango helps shield your heart

Mango contains edible fibers, as well as cellulose. “These substances create its potential to cut back the extent of dangerous cholesterin, and that we should not forget the presence of K that favors the management of the center rate and also the maintenance of a standard blood pressure”, says Audrey Aveaux, dietician-nutritionist.

  • Mango, associate ally permanently digestion
  • Chosen ripe, mango is well digestible as a result of it contains less fiber than several fruits. “Its fiber content is just one.7g per 100g on the average. Its soluble fibers limit constipation . It conjointly contains organic process enzymes that promote the digestion of proteins consumed at constant meal. “
  • In which cases to not consume mango?
  • If you’re taking anticoagulants: too frequent consumption of mango will increase the danger of trauma.
  • If you’re allergic: hypersensitivity reaction to latex, birch or wormwood spore, could also be related to associate hypersensitivity reaction to mango .
  • How does one grasp if a mango is ripe?
  • By the scent it provides off. And after you press gently on the fruit, it ought to be soft to the bit. On the opposite hand, we have a tendency to cannot trust its color: looking on the range, mangoes is inexperienced, yellow, orange … ideally opt for mango varieties that aren’t fibrous, like Amélie with melting flesh , or Kent, juicy and sweet.

The mango is held on in a very cool place on top of half a dozen ° C, therefore not within the electric refrigerator, and not quite 2 to 3 days as a result of it spoils quickly.

To ripen a mango, you simply have to be compelled to wrap it in a very sheet of newspaper to unleash olefine, a gas that accelerates its ripening.

How to cut a mango

To cut it into slices: peel the mango. Place it vertically on the board. create skinny slices on either side of the infernal region till it brushes against it. gift the slices in a very fan form on a plate.

To dice it: cut the mango in 0.5 with its skin, slicing on either side of the infernal region. Collect the 2 halves of the fruit. Place them skin aspect down on the board. cut the flesh by creating a grid, then persist the skin to bulge it before putting it on the plate.


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