Orange is one of the favorite fruits of the French. It is consumed all year round, but we enjoy it more particularly in winter. Its rather thick skin contains very juicy flesh particularly rich in vitamins. But the list of its health benefits is much longer. Update on some sometimes unrecognized benefits.

Orange brings energy

Stop energy drinks! Consuming orange will be enough to boost your body. Indeed, this fruit contains carbohydrates, in other words, sugars (fructose, glucose, and sucrose), which will allow you to quickly bring energy to your body. Orange will also offer better resistance to fatigue, especially during the winter period, thanks to its rich concentration of vitamin C.

Orange promotes digestion

The soluble fiber contained in orange contributes to smooth digestion. It also promotes the elimination of certain digestive disorders. However, in cases of gastric acidity, we tend to avoid it.

Its consumption is very useful for the liver, regulates and stabilizes the intestines thus reducing the risk of constipation and diarrhea.

By its richness in vitamin C and its acidity, orange promotes absorption by the body of iron contained in plants and eggs. A tip for people who consume little or no animal products to avoid iron deficiency anemia!

Orange prevents the risk of cardiovascular disease

This fruit contains several flavonoids, molecules with antioxidant properties. In addition to their anti-inflammatory benefits, flavonoids protect blood vessels. They, therefore, have a beneficial impact on cardiovascular disease. Several studies have proven that consuming foods rich in flavonoids reduces the risk of heart disease.

Orange … protects eyesight

According to several studies, the consumption of orange would reduce the progression of cataracts. This eye disease is very common in the elderly. This slowing down of the disease is thought to be due to the presence of carotenoids in the orange, in particular lutein. The latter has antioxidant properties which play an important role in slowing down certain eye diseases. It helps fight free radicals responsible for cellular aging.


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